IS POETRY WHEN IT’S OLD AND TOLD.                         

老的回憶,饒有詩意。— DeYoung Zhou

Our Clients

Since 2011, Memory Community has enjoyed the great pleasure filming some of the most memorable life stories for these assisted-living and retirement communities: Franke Tobey Jones, Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community in Tacoma, Harbor Place at Cottesmore in Gig Harbor, and Legacy House in Seattle, in addition to many elders in their own residences.
This year, Memory Community is ready to serve more elders. We are constantly looking for small or large donations which can help us do more, and for elders, baby-boomers who are interested in having a personal movie memoir made.

Our Contributors


$54: Jacky Chou & son

$50: Linda Newman

$54: Yushan Huang

$20: Doris Goembel

$54: Isabella Chou

$54: Cherry Wu

$36: Timothy Chen

$65: Nita Pai

$14.98: AmazonSmile

$100: SJ Bauman

$200: Laura Oviedo


$50: Linda Newman

$176: Joseph Ku

$8.10: Deborah Rivera

$1,050: Pat O’Brien


$125: Linda Newman

$229.77: Deborah L. Rivera & other donors


$330: Isabella Chou

$50: Yinne Wang

$150: Pai Yun Ju

$50: Carl Mountain

$100: Deborah L. Rivera

$400: Ku Ping-Lung

$100: S. Bauman

$100: Elizabeth Davis

$30: Demay Chou

$3: Anonymous


$300: Joseph Ku

$200: Yinne Wang 


$150: The Boeing Company

$100: Christina Swift

$120: Anonymous

$150: Key & Lily Donn


$120: Anonymous

$500: Chi Fa Lu

$120: Barbara Simpson

$30: 1. Po Yi Wang, 2. Therese Deshaye

$155: Joseph Ku

$65: Mary Van Haren

$50: Arthur Tseng

$5: Elaine Ou

$1,000: Alice Yang

$20: 1. Bonnie Robinson-Johnson, 2. Penelope Power, 3. Jason Dean Sharpe

$300: Gordon Lu

$25: 1. Kelly Zhang, 2. Christopher Jones, 3. Wendy Pinyen Shieh

$35: Yvonne Zubalik

$100: 1. Duane Richardson, 2. Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community, 3. Gretchen & Cindy Swayze

Our Appreciators 

Laura Oviedo Jiménez: !Wonderful work!                – February 28, 2022

毛豪寧 (Oscar Mao): 晏子,支持你往前走!希望你一切都順利!   – December 9, 2021

Pat O’Brien: A very nice piece of work. Interesting the way you interspersed different pictures and scenes along with dialogue. It gave the whole thing an artistic touch.          – March 23, 2020

Maarten Smit: I think you are doing a great job by recording the memories of the elderly. It is nice for themselves and also for their descendants to have a recording of the things they experienced in their life.         – December 1, 2019

William Leo Beier: Thank you for this wonderful idea of Movie-Memoir. It will make families stronger and happier.          – August 14, 2019

Beth Bricker Davis: Happy for Deyung that he is continuing to find meaningful memory work. What valuable work it is. It means so much to others to have their life and legacy recorded.            – Febuary 10, 2019

Kevin Henne : Thank you for all your hard work on this project.           – January 10, 2018

Yinne Wang : It takes a lot of stamina and passion to stay in this field within such hardship. I hope your persistence eventually pays off soon.               – May 25, 2017

你把這些記錄下來,促進世代和諧,讓年輕人瞭解上一代,也避免年輕人跌跌撞撞,意義重大。        – December 31, 2013

Jill Fu:從最一開始,我就覺得老師做這件事非常的…了不起。畢竟生活的壓力,畢竟必須仰賴募款來做這件事,這真的很棒很棒!!!          – August 20, 2013

楊銀鳳:鏡頭達人,慧眼獨具。     – June 14, 2013

吳孟樵:你這點子(為老人拍攝)發自內心,真是很特別的。老人內心應該是希望被注意到。      – March 9, 2013

Rebeca Brab: Bravo for your good efforts to film and share the stories of elders!             – December 26, 2012

水菱:你的影片 (ROBERT LEE SMITH) 拍的很好哦!小狗好可愛,看來你從事這條路的想法很成功,可說相當有創意!         – December 19, 2012

Kelly Zhang: Wow, it’s awesome. All the stories are compelling and touching. Also, all of the stories are rarely known by people. I really enjoyed watching all the videos you recorded.          – January 30, 2012

Wendy Shieh: 看了您的設想很感動,年老的一群,在美國,是弱勢的。您的想為他們作事的心是慈悲的。         – August 14, 2011

Roy Lu: Thrilled for your accomplishment! The website is fantastic!    – August 14, 2011

莊岳:很有意思的工作,加油!        – July 14, 2011

Xiao Lin: You’re working really hard to build a “community” in which people can share their “memories” or “stories” and be a “star” in their own “movies”. It’s a meaningful service.          – July 1, 2011

Alex Yu: 您的拍片計畫我看到了!您的計畫很棒,也真的很有意義~    – June 15, 2011

Joseph Ku: 加油!加油!         – June 6, 2011

胡永豪: 我看了你的網站,覺得是很有意義的計畫,讓後輩的人得以一窺老人的心靈,同時讓老人因著這樣的分享,感受人間的在意與關懷。               – June 5, 2011

Nita Pai: 寫作之餘,,我也在一個精神障礙協會當志工,也構想著能針對精障議題拍攝紀錄片。目前先從觀察了解做起,很欽佩你用影像推展社會服務。          – May 24, 2011

Chihui Fu: 每個人都有屬於自己的故事。「家有一老,如有一寶。」特別是這些老一輩的人,有豐富的人生經驗、太多的精彩的回憶錄,卻時常被忽視。…這是一個非營利的計畫,持續的紀錄、建立老人的故事與記憶,並與時代做連結。讓這些老一輩的生命與聲音,被更多的看見與聽見。
P.S. 這是我的老師現在正在做的事,希望大家可以多多支持與幫忙傳播出去。衷心感謝。             – May 21, 2011

Brandon Hans: Here is a project created from my good friend Yankee Zhou!
Check it out and help support this great idea!          – May 19, 2011

蔣仲子: 集團共同記憶之餘的自我記憶圖騰…哇,好有創意呢美國物廣地博,確是個好深耕處呢!             –  May 19, 2011

Kickstarter help: I would love to see this going a long way for our future generations that connect our elders. As we have a Chinese saying: “A person’s name is left behind when it passes. A tiger’s hide is left behind when it dies.” and “A person should be remembered for thousands of years.” I believe this project visions to preserve our elders values so we do not forget our roots as a human being. Wish you success!             – May 18, 2011

陳揆明: This project is so good and very meaningful that we should take more look on those people who need our care.         – May 17, 2011