Why do you want to do this for elders?

Please view the “Proud Projects” page. In addition, here’s a tale you may have heard of: In older times, someone who probably knew just a little bit about how to read and write would write and read letters for the illiterate in a village. This compassion and contribution are also what moves our founder, Deyung Chou, to strive to recount and record stories and memories for elders, especially those in disadvantages. Having that said, we also focus on baby boomers, and possibly all other age groups.

Why do you want to share movie memoirs on your web site?

We believe that is a good, contemporary way of connecting and inspiring people no matter where they are.

Why do you not ask for higher donations for your service?

We wish to serve a wider range of clients on the account that we are providing a nonprofit program. However, if anyone can afford to make bigger donations, they are certainly welcome.

How do your clients or supporters donate?

1. Please kindly go to Fun Funding page to use PayPal button to donate.

2. Please kindly send a check or money order (payable to Memory Community) to our office: 2812 Garden Court, Apt C, Steilacoom, WA 98388, USA.

3. Please choose Memory Community as the charity you want to donate to when you shop at smile.amazon.com. We are on the AmazonSmile charity list.

Your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy.