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  1. Bonjour Madame Zubalik!

    I took three years of French with you at Bethel High School, and have fond memories of you and the adventures your classes provided. There were enjoyable classroom presentations, peer-to-peer French conversations, a textbook I will always remember, and la boule outside your portable.

    Strangely, sometimes words come to me more quickly in French than they do in English. I now teach at a high school where only Spanish is offered, but Bethel provided Spanish, French and German in the 1980s. Thank you for making your classroom a home to me while I was at BHS.

    Pete Kendall, Class of 1983

  2. Helo, Pete, Were you Pierre in my class? We usually used French names. I couldn’t remember your name at first, but managed to find the Bethelonian when you were a Sophomore – then I recalled. Considering I have been retired almost 29 years, names from some of the teachers too have managed to get where I have no access to them.
    I thank you for your message; as a teacher too you will wonder some times how you are doing, and it is great to have such wonderful feedback. We have had several French majors from UPS come to Tobey Jones for French “conversation” and while I have the advantage over some, teaching certainly kept the language embedded in my brain. I’m glad to hear some stuck with you, too.Having some family in Montreal helps me.
    Where are you teaching, and what subject?

    Yvonne Zubalik

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