11 thoughts on “William Beier”

  1. Well done Movie Memoir. What an interesting man and life which was beautifully illustrated in this piece. I agree, Mr. Beier gets a 10 for his “filmability” and honest presentation.

  2. The movie captured the interesting life of William. I was drawn to his personality when I met him. The movie was well done! Thank you for producing a beautiful memoir of a very interesting man! I give you a 10 plus!


  3. I am the “Apprentice” in the video. This was my 3rd or 4th lesson at the time of this recording. Before I met William I’ve never picked up a guitar and hated playing musical instruments. Since then, I’ve learned “This Land is your land”, “This Old Man” and many Nursery Rhymes. Thank you William for the free lesson and being a pal to me and my dad.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to William Beier tell about part of his life and historical events and people. His a whimsical storyteller that along with his charisma and smile draws the viewer’s attention till the end. The photo inserts were really powerful creating another layer of informational to draw the viewer’s interest. The photo of the farm and of William with the book were my favorite. I’m now intrigued to learn more about William’s personal life…service in the military, education, marriage, and his love for God and his church, etc. Anxiously waiting for the sequel!
    One of William’s friend and new fan,

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