Yinne Wang: The Rain Has Stopped

This work is an homage to a pioneer who made her reputation in an era in Taiwan’s film industry where male directors were dominating.

3 thoughts on “Yinne Wang: The Rain Has Stopped”

  1. Wonderful music! Thanks Yinne and Achen! The music reminds me of the saying: If you have choices, choose the best; if you have no choice, do the best.” The plum rain season came again! Rains, rains, rains. I will listen to the music and song over and over again! It gives me the energy and inspiration to survive the rain! I see the sunshine, the ginger flowers, the blue magpies………We shall overcome!

  2. This is to express our appreciation to our viewers, Cathy Ang and Tina Chang, for their comments on Yinne Wang’s movei-memoir.

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