Key Donn remembers Wong Tsu

Nearly 100 years ago, a young Chinese named Wong Tsu was hired by William Boeing, the founder of Boeing Company. Nearly 100 years later, Key Donn, who works at the same company, vividly remembers his legendary co-worker.

Wong Tsu

Memory Community is proud to announce that our next work is about Wong Tsu,


the first engineer of the Boeing company.

Betty Thompson-Tindall

A painter uses her kind heart and soft touches to draw pictures of residents at an assisted-living home she volunteers at. She also recounts fond family stories that forever bring a smile on her face.

memory is a country

Memory is a community. Memory is a country.

Memory is diary. Memory is story. Memory is herstory. Memory is history.

— Zhou Yanz

words of wisdom

Everything else could be forgotten, not memory.

Don’t forget your memory because memory should not be forgotten.

— Zhou Yanz