our new conributors

Po Yi Wang, Christopher Jones, Therese Deshaye, Joseph Ku, Wendy Pinyen Shieh, Mary Van Haren, Jason Dean Sharpe, Arthur Tseng, Elaine Ou.

Thank you all for your funds!

Norita C. Martin


A loving and laughing lady, in front of her daughter Mary and her pet Joe, remembers the most peculiar figure in her childhood, her wedding gown made out of a war-time parachute, among other memorable things.

Y. Wang 王炎

Y. WANG 王炎

A veteran Bridge player smokes and drinks, and looks forward to publishing his third book, One Hundred Years: A Possible Dream, 8 years later when he celebrates his 100th birthday.

Alice Yang 楊銀鳳


A publishing writer who enjoys riding her tricycle expresses great gratitude to her senior-high school teacher because of a letter of encouragement.

M-J Yang 莊茗蓁

M-J YANG 莊茗蓁

An eloquent government retiree talks about her love for playing Bridge games and visiting hot springs.