List of Our Doners


1. Dr. Duane Richardson, 2. Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community

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Baizhong Lei


A Chinese doctor helped patients in the past. Now in Seattle, he help people with his pen.

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Tingchen Chen


He is a father of seven beautiful daughters, and a retired successful businessman in New York stock market.


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Zhonglian Tan


An Chinese woman tells us how she had to find and finally found a mother’s peace of mind in a big American city.

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The Chinese New Year is near. It’ll be the year of dragon. Our Legacy House series (6 films) is finished. Please watch them one by one in the near future. The first one “VING NGUYEN” is, however, already online. Hope you enjoy it – an inspiring story from a Vietnamese gentleman.

Next stop: Show Room, if you please.

Reminder: Donations are most welcome, please kindly support us to go a long way and offer better services to our seniors.

Happy New Year!


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