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Calling for “One Dollar Doners” now that our fund-raising project on Kickstarter, Memory’s Poetry, has already reached the funding goal. We still have 3 weeks to go, so please note: by September 6th, every $1 pledge will be as important and appreciated.

Thank you for your attention and donation.

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We are raising funds now. (Click the link below to see how you can donate online)

We wish success will find us this time, and we will always be here working for your valuable memories.

Please take a moment and make a pledge, at the latest, by September 6th.


Upcoming Attractions From Taiwan

This fall, we will proudly add three new movie/memoirs. The interviewees are Alice Yang, M. J. Yang, and Y. Wang from Taiwan.

A Chinese Magazine interview of us

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Media Coverage of Us

Click on the following 3 links to read about Deyung and Memory Community:



3. (A shortened version can be seen in the newspaper’s April issue.)