Swell Service


We make and collect short films and multimedia presentations, and share them at Show Suite 

Film-making (2 formats to choose from)

1. A short film documentary, approximately 10 minutes long (actual length may vary depending on quality and quantity of materials), consisting of interviews and glimpses into the everyday lives of the participants. The films will focus on elderly people retelling stories of impact moments in their lives, such as winning an award, losing a beloved family member or pet, learning an influential lesson, or serving an honorable mission. The films will also focus on elderly people who have one of a kind skill to “show and tell”.

2. Combine stills, voice-over or title cards, and musical scores to create a slideshow-like viewing experience in cases of individuals who choose not to be filmed or are unavailable for filming. 


1. Showcase professional films produced through this project.

2. Supplementing the professional production of this project, we will also solicit amateur videos, true to the theme and focus of the project. Submitted content will be screened for quality and content, and may be edited or deleted.


Interviewees may kindly choose to contribute USD100.00 (when your movie-memoir is 10-minute-long), or more (longer than 10 minutes), or less (shorter than 10 minutes).

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