The Story of Memory Community 1

Voice-over: Deborah Rivera
Music score: Bert Master & Ben Freedom
Written and edited by Yankee Zhou

2 Responses to The Story of Memory Community 1

  1. Janet Ruprecht says:

    I think something is wrong with your video. It goes to a screen full of Ted Talk choices, none of which seem to have to do with y’all. So I still don’t know what you are or do.

    • Yankee says:

      Hi Janet,
      Sorry for the problem. Our videos share the YouTube platform, so when a video ends the screen will show the choices of other videos also on there (It’s up to YouTube and we can do nothing about it). I would suggest you click the replay button to get the video re-start. Under our other tabs, you could find more information with regard to what we are and do. Thank you for your feedback and please let us know if you have any further comments.

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