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Robert Lee Smith

ROBERT LEE SMITH A Morning with Bob and Muffin — Muffin is nearly blind. Bob likes Taiwan very dearly. Muffin sadly passed away days after the filming.  

Moowan Mark

MOOWAN MARK A 100-year-old Legacy House resident, though shy, and helped by her caregiver, Kelly, with the language, gladly talks about herself.

Baizhong Lei

BAIZHONG LEI A Chinese doctor helped patients in the past. Now in Seattle, he help people with his pen.

Tingchen Chen

TINGCHEN CHEN He is a father of seven beautiful daughters, and a retired successful businessman in New York stock market.  

Zhonglian Tan

ZHONGLIAN TAN An Chinese woman tells us how she had to find and finally found a mother’s peace of mind in a big American city.