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Baizhong Lei

BAIZHONG LEI A Chinese doctor helped patients in the past. Now in Seattle, he help people with his pen.

Tingchen Chen

TINGCHEN CHEN He is a father of seven beautiful daughters, and a retired successful businessman in New York stock market.  

Zhonglian Tan

ZHONGLIAN TAN An Chinese woman tells us how she had to find and finally found a mother’s peace of mind in a big American city.

TLRC + MC = Happy Holidays

TLRC + MC = HAPPY HOLIDAYS This is a co-production of Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community and Memory Community. The interviewees are (in order of appearance) : Mary, Betty, Elizabeth, Bernice, Paul, Marlys, Alice, Teresa, Barbara, Helen, and Ed.

Jiandou Wu

JIANDOU WU A former lawyer and teacher, though comfortable living in Seattle, misses his home country.