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M-J Yang 莊茗蓁

M-J YANG 莊茗蓁 An eloquent government retiree talks about her love for playing Bridge games and visiting hot springs.

Barbara Simpson

BARBARA SIMPSON A heart-broken mother shares in a heart-felt long shot the saddest memory of her talented daughter whose life ended rather unprepared.

Bonnie Robinson-Johnson

BONNIE ROBINSON-JOHNSON A warm-hearted Tacoman reminds us of the power of love. She also thanks her children for being her children.

Robert Lee Smith

ROBERT LEE SMITH A Morning with Bob and Muffin — Muffin is nearly blind. Bob likes Taiwan very dearly. Muffin sadly passed away days after the filming.  

Moowan Mark

MOOWAN MARK A 100-year-old Legacy House resident, though shy, and helped by her caregiver, Kelly, with the language, gladly talks about herself.