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Moments with Lu Chi Fa

Lu Chi Fa, also known as Gordon Lu, runs a popular restaurant and leads a healthy life. His biography “Double Luck – Memoirs of a Chinese Orphan” is a bestseller. He loves traveling and watching sea lions.

Key Donn remembers Wong Tsu

Nearly 100 years ago, a young Chinese named Wong Tsu was hired by William Boeing, the founder of Boeing Company. Nearly 100 years later, Key Donn, who works at the same company, vividly remembers his legendary co-worker.

Betty Thompson-Tindall

A painter uses her kind heart and soft touches to draw pictures of residents at an assisted-living home she volunteers at. She also recounts fond family stories that forever bring a smile on her face.

Gretchen Wilbert

Gretchen Swayze Wilbert in this documentary feature reminiscences of her family life since childhood and her mayoral life which spanned 16 good years in Gig Harbor, Washington state, USA.

Norita C. Martin

NORITA C. MARTIN A loving and laughing lady, in front of her daughter Mary and her pet Joe, remembers the most peculiar figure in her childhood, her wedding gown made out of a war-time parachute, among other memorable things.