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2018 Spring/Summer Fundraising Campaign

We are drafting up the campaign article, and when it’s nearly done, we would like to send our invitation via email to our potential backers. If you receive one, hope it’ll make you smile.


Volunteers Welcomed – First Assistant

Being an unordinary and visionary non-profit organization, we constantly get and need volunteers. At present, we are looking for a candidate for the First Assistant position. This part-time job requires punctuality, precision, patience, and networking skills. The schedule will be very flexible, and you can work from home, but occasional meeting in our office will take place. An understanding of or an interest in non-profit organization financial aspects (such as tax filing, grant seeking, and fund-raising) is a must. Please contact us […]

License for Service

You are seeing our renewed non-profit license. It heralds our 7th anniversary in two weeks or so. We serve elders in a very unique way. We think out of box. Memory Community is here for everyone as everyone has memories. Especially when we get older, we feel memories are even more precious to keep and share.

It’s a Movie and a Memoir

(This double-sided flyer is made possible by donation) We make a memoir as we make a movie. Our movie-memoir owners get sight and sound. They get image and voice, other than just written words on paper. The contribution for a movie-memoir is impressively affordable for our clients. Check our Swell Service and Fun Funding pages for details.

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