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Small Donations and Senior Volunteers Are Welcome!

You are welcome to make a contribution either by donating any amount of money to “The Memory Community Project” or by volunteering to be in your own film if you are a senior. Please contact us to get more information and services.

Make a Pledge Before July 15th!

The Last 2 Days! The Memory Community Project has been on Kickstarter since May 16th. Come on in to join the two backers. Don’t’ leave them alone. You can be so influential by just spreading the word or making a donation. But we won’t cry if you don’t feel like helping. We will simply continue to try, try, and try! You may find we don’t have fancy photos and our video seems plain. You may even find our official website needs a lot […]

July 15

WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR FUNDS!! Please click and pledge at  by July 15!! Thank you!!

Memory Community Movie-Memoir Project

MEMORY COMMUNITY MOVIE-MEMOIR PROJECT Deyung, the creator of the project, speaks about his vision and mission.

Free Filming

SENIOR INTERVIEWEES ARE WARMLY WELCOMED FOR “MEMORY COMMUNITY PROJECT” What It Is: We are Memory Community, a non-profit corporation based in Washington state, USA. The goal of the Memory Community Project is to collect meaningful, important stories from the lives of seniors, and preserve them on film to be shared with the community and your loved ones. ●      All seniors are welcomed to volunteer whether you are seniors living independently, with your families, or in nursing homes. ●      Two days […]