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Vinh Nguyen

VINH NGUYEN A Vietnamese gentleman worked hard for 25 years until that unforgettable night…now in his Legacy House apartment room, he recalls his hard journey from his home country to the USA.


Every day is Thanksgiving Day for us to be thankful to all our elderly people around the world. Please look forward to new films from us in a season of gratitude. We are currently working with 6 remarkable Legacy House residents in Seattle, WA, USA.  

Help Wanted

You are welcome to make a contribution either by donating any amount of money to “The Memory Community Project” or by volunteering to be in your own film if you are a senior. Please see “Donate” page or contact us to get more information and services.

Patricia Black

  PATRICIA BLACK A tall, lean Franke Tobey Jones resident shares with us her interest in home economics and hiking with family.

Dr. Duane Richardson

DR. DUANE RICHARDSON A former Navy, then a councilor, left wit us his last words and images at Franke Tobey Jones before he passed away in late 2012. This film, done in 2011, later came to be in memory of Dr. Richardson.