Visiting Verlin

Verlin C. Grimes was born in 1913. He has an incredible memory. Visited by Chaplain Kevin Henne, he delightedly shared his some serious, some funny stories on camera.

A Donation on Christmas Day

One of our supporters made a donation to us through PayPal on this Christmas Day. What a gift to us from abroad! What an acknowledgement of our work! Thank you so very much! We should add that he had donated to us before. Thank you again!

Post-Thanksgiving Event

On November 25th, we will give a free-admission, verbal and visual presentation at Newport Way Library beginning 10:30 A.M.

The address is 14250 SE Newport Way, Bellevue, WA 98006.

The event is our first attempt in public, and we will introduce our highly-praised Movie-Memoir project for seniors to everyone who’s interested. It’s a family-friendly event.

Mandarin speakers are welcome, too.


The Story of Memory Community 1

Voice-over: Deborah Rivera
Music score: Bert Master & Ben Freedom
Written and edited by Yankee Zhou

A Memo-Demo 2017 (interpretive version)

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